Dog Best Friends: Juno & Pierre

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Juno and Pierre: Doodles-in-Crime

Do you know what’s better than one Doodle? Two Doodles, of course! Meet Pierre. Pierre is my bestie, my BFF, my best bud. No matter how you say it, my main man Pierre is the coolest ‘dood’ I know. We are the bestest dog best friends you’ll ever meet. Pierre was also one of my very first friends. We’ve been wrestling and chasing one another around since way back in our Puppy Playtime class. I love when Pierre chases me around the yard and wrestles with me. We also love to play tug and go for walks together. Over the summer, we attended doggie daycare, and that was great fun. We sometimes meet up at the dog park, and even though there are other dogs there, Pierre and I usually stick pretty close together. We really are two pups in a pod!

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Juno and Pierre Birthday Celebration

Do you know what else is really fun about Pierre? Even though we are not siblings, we are birthday twins! Yup! We were both born on April 23rd, 2020. Earlier this year, when we both turned one-year-old, we celebrated our birthdays together at daycare. The daycare did a professional photoshoot for us to help us celebrate and create fun memories. Check out our birthday pics below. Aren’t they fantastic? Pierre is so handsome, and I could easily pass for a movie star!

Pierre’s Bravery Rubs off on Juno at The Lake

Over the summer, Pierre and I spent some fun days together. I think my favourite was when we met at the lake. I had never swum in the lake before that warm summer’s day that I met up with Pierre. Earlier in the summer, my mom tried to get me to go into the lake and to be honest, the waves were really scary so I slammed on the brakes and refused to go in. Yes, I know, I’m a little dramatic. Truth be told, I can be a little wary of new situations, but not when I have Pierre by my side. Pierre makes me feel brave and like I can try new things as long as he shows me the way. Since Pierre had spent some time swimming in lakes earlier that summer, he was fantastic at going into the water. I thought he was so courageous. He just walked into the water with no fear, so I followed him. Want to hear a secret? I was a little scared, but I put on a brave face and showed everyone how fearless I could be, as long as I had my best friend by my side. Here are some pictures of us at the lake that day.

Juno and Pierre – Dog Best Friends for Life

I am the luckiest Goldendoodle to have a bestie as fun as Pierre. We are always finding new ways to have a blast. I’m a little quicker, so when we take a snack break, I always get the most treats! My philosophy is you snooze, you lose – at least when treats are involved!

Happy Tail Wags. xo

Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.

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