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Welcome to The Doodle Life – Introducing Juno the Goldendoodle

Lover of Treats and Belly Rubs

Welcome to My Dog Blog – The Doodle Life!

Hi Friends!! I am so happy you are here at The Doodle Life. My name is Juno, and I am a miniature Goldendoodle. If you could see me right now, you’d know how pawsitively happy I am by how fast my tail is wagging. I am one excited Goldendoodle! I’m honoured to connect with you all, as I navigate my way through this big world. Dog lovers, please join me as I learn what it’s like to live life as a friendly, sweet, and occasionally dramatic Goldendoodle. My goal is to share my amusing adventures with you, while also educating you on various dog-related topics.

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My Forever Family

First, let me tell you a bit about myself. I was born on April 23rd, 2020, on a small farm in Winkler, Manitoba. My dog-mom is a Golden Retriever and my dog-dad is a miniature Poodle. I spent the first eight weeks with my loving dog-mom and my ten Goldendoodle siblings. My mom and brother brought me to my forever home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in June 2020. That was when I met my big dog-sister, Molly. Molly was the sweetest and best dog-sister a puppy could ask for. She showed me all about how to be a dog. Sadly, Molly was a senior when I came here and she has since crossed the rainbow bridge. We all miss her so dearly.

Get to Know Me

I don’t mean to brag, but I am adored and I absolutely think the world of everyone who crosses my path. People would describe my personality as friendly, cheerful, curious, playful, and perhaps a little dramatic. I love making connections with people and animals. My goal is to find a cat friend, but so far, no luck. I refuse to give up. I still don’t understand how cats can make themselves so big when I approach them on the street. It’s a cool trick!

I absolutely adore going for hikes, meeting new people and animals, treats (the more the better if you ask me), training sessions, group classes, playing fetch, stuffed animals, and of course, belly rubs. In addition, I love being chased (I’m so fast), enrichment games, and cuddling with my mom and brother. It’s a fact that I am such a happy little dog that there isn’t much I don’t like. If I had to name a few dislikes, I’d definitely include baths, stairs, and raspberries.

If you have a moment, please say “HI” or “WOOF” so I know you were here. I love making new friends. I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures here at The Doodle Life. To learn more about dogs or Goldendoodles specifically, check out The Doodle Files.

Pinnable pin of Juno the Goldendoodle | The Doodle Life | #dogblog #thedoodlelife #goldendoodle #goldendoodle #miniaturegoldendoodle #goldendoodles #miniaturegoldendoodles #goldendoodlepuppy #puppy
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Happy tail wags! xo

“Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.”

Kinky Friedman

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  1. Lisa Roe

    Oh my gosh Juno is too cute. Doodles are my fave breed of pup 🐶

  2. Smiley

    Nice to meet you, Juno! Sorry to read about Molly… Enjoy your adventures!