Juno Comes Face-to-Face with a Three-Legged Monster

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Juno the Goldendoodle in bed with her bear | Dog with a Blog: Juno Comes Face-to-Face with a Three-Legged Monster | #dogblog #dogwithablog #junothegoldendoodle #goldendoodle #miniaturegoldendoodle

A Parcel Arrives

Today started off smoothly like any other weekend. I woke Mom up and we had our breakfast together. I even got to have some of her plain Greek Yogurt with blueberries, which I love. Then the friendly guy in the truck came by and left something on the front step. I get excited when he comes to our house because he quite often brings something for me. It’s like he knows exactly what I like. Anyways, I heard Mom say that her Amazon order must have arrived as she went out to the front step to check.

Juno the Goldendoodle lying down | Juno the Goldendoodle Comes Face-to-Face with a three-legged Monster | #dogblog #dogwithablog #junothegoldendoodle #goldendoodle #miniaturegoldendoodle

The Unboxing

I watched intently as she opened the box with a kitchen knife and pulled out not one, but two bags of dog treats!!!! The treats smelled so good that my tail wagged in delight. Clearly, I must have been pawsitively the best Goldendoodle this week to deserve two bags of treats.

Juno Sees the Three-Legged Monster for the First Time

As I watched Mom take the treat bags out of the box, I noticed there was a smaller box inside of the bigger box. With my curiosity piqued, I tried to get a good look. Mom slowly pulled something out of the smaller box. I couldn’t see very well because she had it on the kitchen counter and I’m too little to see that high. She messed around with it for a bit and then placed it on the floor. I stood back, tail very still and stared. I slowly backed away and concluded that this could only be one thing. It was a three-legged monster!

Juno peaks around the corner at the tripod | #dogblog #dogwithablog #junothegoldendoodle #goldendoodle #miniaturegoldendoodle
Time for you to leave, Mr. Monster!!

Juno Does Tricks for the Three-Legged Monster

Imagine my surprise when Mom attached her phone to it and asked me to come closer. No way José! I quickly ducked into another room as the monster stared at me. Mom used some of those new treats to coax me back into the kitchen. She moved a few parts of the monster around before getting me to come closer and do some tricks. What?? She seriously wanted me to perform for this spooky thing? Had she lost her mind? Well, I cautiously sat, did a down-stay, and shook a paw while the monster stared right at me. I figured I was done and was relieved that I was still unharmed, but as it turned out Mom wasn’t done with whatever madness this was.

Juno looks up at the camera. | #dogblog #dogwithablog #junothegoldendoodle #goldendoodle #miniaturegoldendoodle
Here I am courageously staring at the three-legged monster!

The Three-Legged Monster Follows Juno Outside

Mom then had me go outside and I happily complied. Anything to get away from that thing! Then to my horror, Mom brought the monster outside and set it up on the snow-covered ground. She asked me to come closer and to look cute, but I ran as far away as I could. I glared at the monster from afar while Mom begged me to come back and tried to explain to me that I was being dramatic. Mom always says I’m being dramatic, like the time I had my first swimming lesson or the time I wanted chocolate-chip cookies.

Juno Discovers the Truth About the Three-Legged Monster

Mom tried to reason with me by saying that the monster was actually a tripod and that it wouldn’t hurt me. Well, I wasn’t taking any unnecessary chances no matter what she said. I wouldn’t come back until Mom bribed me with more treats, and even then I was being very cautious. A Goldendoodle can’t be too careful in these types of situations. I kept my eye on the three-legged monster or “tripod thingy” the whole time while it watched me back. We stood face to face while Mom fed me treats and told me how brave and adorable I was.

Juno’s Three-Legged Monster Nightmare Comes to an End

Once our staring contest was over, Mom finally brought the monster inside the house. When I came in, I cowered as I walked by it. This is when Mom moved it into another room. I courageously fell asleep knowing it was somewhere in our house. I secretly hoped it wouldn’t come out and watch me as I slept. That thing is too spooky for this little Goldendoodle to handle alone and without the comfort of treats.

Pin showing Juno the Goldendoodle shyly peaking around the corner to see the tripod

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