Dog Swimming Lessons for Juno

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Juno Attends her First Dog Swimming Lesson

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Grab that doodle a pool noodle!! It’s true, you could say that my mom is a bit of an adventurous type. She likes to try new things which translates into her having me try new things. Take for instance the time she signed me up for dog swimming lessons. You’d think being a Goldendoodle which is half Golden Retriever and half Poodle, I’d be a natural, as they are both considered to be water-loving breeds. Turns out, genetics doesn’t always work that way. What got me into the pool was the treats. Indeed, I did love all the praise and clapping that erupted pool-side when I did finally go and save that sad-looking rubber chicken, but when it really came down to it all, it was the yummy treats and not the love of water sports that got me into the pool.

Dog Swimming Lessons Fall Flat

Sadly, those rubber chickens will have to find a new hero to save them from drowning. Turns out I am more of a wader than a full-on swimmer. On a hot summer’s day, you can find me ankle-deep in my backyard pool enjoying the refreshing hose water splashing around my paws with a cold bowl of water and a yummy appetizer just steps away. At the beach, I’ll be the Doodle lying on a soft beach towel, staying dry, and watching others get their hair wet in the water. After all, I am a fluffy, treat-loving Goldendoodle and not a fish. And not to sound dramatic, but also sharks!

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Mom. Why’d you throw my bone in the pool?

Dog Life Jacket

As luck would have it, my mom loves to hang out at the lake in the summer. She knows I am a bit scared of the lake so she thinks a doggie life jacket might be a good idea. I wore a life jacket during my dog swimming lessons and I must admit that it did help me with my confidence. Even with the life jacket, my lesson provided some great exercise and was a refreshing way to cool off.

Dog Friendly-Pools

For times when we don’t go to the lake, Mom likes to fill up my kiddie pool and place it in the backyard so I can wade in it and cool off. As you can see from the above picture above, she did have an inflatable kiddie pool for me, but I accidentally bit it and it no longer worked. How was I supposed to know? So, now Mom prefers a collapsible dog pool that is sturdier and not filled with air. There are dog pools that are actually dog-friendly. What’s great is that many of them are non-slip and foldable so they are safer and don’t take up much space. Here are a few for you to check out! I’ll also link some of the top-rated dog life jackets because having one is a must for safety – just make sure you get the right size.

Happy Tail Wags. xo

Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.

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