Dog-Friendly Beaches in Manitoba

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Enjoy the Dog-Friendly Beaches in Manitoba

Summertime in Manitoba means packing up and heading out to one of the many gorgeous beaches nearby. The problem is, a beach day is usually a full day and nobody wants to have to rush back after a lazy day of playing in the water and sunbathing. However, if you have a dog waiting for you at home, this is what is required. Well, not anymore. Luckily, there are now some great Manitoba beaches and swimming areas that are literally fun for the whole family – even your pooch! So, be sure to throw some dog treats in the trunk along with your sunscreen because your next beach day will include your very happy dog!

Don’t have time to hit up one of Manitoba’s beautiful dog-friendly beaches this week? Why not head to a Dog-Friendly Patio in Winnipeg instead?

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The Dog-Friendly Beaches & Swim Areas in Manitoba

1. Winnipeg Beach – South Beach

My dog Juno and I just discovered this great dog beach last summer. We went several times and had an absolute hoot! The beach is spacious and depending on where you set up, it can be really lively or very relaxing. The further down the beach you and your dog venture, the quieter the scene. As most people don’t walk too far down the beach, the entrance and the first part of the beach have fun energy with happy dogs and owners as they soak up the sun and watch the hilarious antics of the joyful pups.

If you’re looking for the beach, keep walking south past the water tower. There will be a short trail that heads down to a dog-friendly beach.

Sunset Beach – Hecla Island

Hecla Island, Provincial Park

Another beautiful place to check out is Hecla, Island Provincial Park. Specifically, Sunset Beach at Hecla is dog-friendly. Take a break from the beach by enjoying one of the many trails and just take in the beautiful nature that surrounds you and your pooch.

Asessippi – “The Point”


“The Point” can be accessed on the northwest side of the Shell Mouth Dam. Simply follow the gravel road approximately 500 meters north to a small parking lot to find a beach you and your dog can enjoy together. The best part is that there is a natural sand bar there which makes this an ideal pet-friendly swim area.

Clearwater Lake Provincial Park

Clearwater Lake (Credit: Travel Manitoba)

Clearwater Lake Provincial Park is located in the Mid-Boreal portion of Manitoba Lowlands Natural Region. When you’re not hiking or catching the award-winning-sized trout, Northern pike, and whitefish this lake has to offer, you can take your dog for a dip at the Jugo Bay boat launch. Swimming for dogs is available on the north side of the launch.

Grass River – Gyles Lake & Iskwasum

Grass River Provincial Park

If you and your canine friend find yourselves far north where the Manitoba Lowlands and Precambrian Shield meet you will find the Grass River. Once critical to the history of the fur trade, it now is a lovely park with three lakeside campgrounds. Dogs can swim at the Gyles Lake campground just west of the designated swim area. The Iskwasum dog-friendly swim area is just on the east side of the boat launch.

Manipogo Provincial Park, Lake Manitoba

Manipogo Provincial Park

Beware of Manipogo, the legendary lake monster said to live in Lake Manitoba. To find the dog-friendly swimming area, go past the main beach and then it will be just west of the designated swimming area.

Paint Lake Provincial Park

Paint Lake, Manitoba

Paint Lake is in one of Manitoba’s Northeast parks. It boasts countless islands, enticing waters, and a rugged Precambrian shield. Put this all together and you have the perfect recipe for outdoor adventure with your dog. You will find the dog-friendly swimming area across from the main Paint Lake Marina on the north side of the far parking lot.

Rainbow Beach Provincial Park

Rainbow Beach, Manitoba

Located near Dauphin, You will find the dog-friendly swimming area past the Main Beach, east of the designated swimming area.

Spruce Woods Provincial Park, Kiche Manitou Lake

Spruce Woods – Kiche-Manitou Lake

Located in western Manitoba, Spruce Woods Provincial Park consists of 269 square kilometres of spruce parkland, forest, mixed grass prairie, and the Spirit Sands. The Spirit Sands is a desert-like area that features sand dunes that tower up to 30 metres. If you’re lucky you may catch a glimpse of Manitoba’s only lizard, the Northern prairie skink, or see the Western hognose snake and cacti – all unique to Manitoba! You can find the dog-friendly swimming area next to the footbridge along the southeast shoreline.

Turtle Mountain Provincial Park, Boissevain

Turtle Mountain Provincial Park, Boissevain

Turtle Mountain Provincial Park is located in the southwestern portion of Manitoba. The park is known for its bike trails, fishing, backcountry cabins and canoe routes. The dog-friendly swimming area can be found at the west end of the main beach, just east of the boat launch area.

Wekusko Falls Provincial Park, Snow Lake

Wekusko Falls Provincial Park, Snow Lake

The Grass River plunges almost 12 metres through a series of falls and rapids known as Wekusko Falls. An area full of natural wonder and cultural heritage. Find the dog-friendly swimming area on the Northeast shore of Wekusko Lake. Dogs can swim on the north side of the boat launch.

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What do I need for my Dog at the Beach?

Here are some supplies you’ll want to bring to keep your pooch safe — and help make the day relaxing and fun:

  1. Water.
  2. A collapsible dog water dish or a portable water dispenser for easy transport.
  3. An all-weather cooling elevated dog bed.
  4. A playpen that folds and opens quickly to keep small dogs safely corralled.
  5. Plenty of towels. I love The Dirty Dog Shammy – a super absorbent dog towel for quick drying.
  6. Canine sunscreen – is good for noses, ears, and all over the body.
  7. Doggie life jacket.
  8. A MudBuster to clean sandy paws off at the end of the day. Discover how versatile the Mudbuster can be throughout the year here. It is one of my must-have dog items!

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