Dog Best Friends Juno & Pierre Head Down to the Frozen River

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Dog Best Friends Juno and Pierre Explore the River Trail

As you may already know, Pierre and I are the bestest of dog best friends ever! Since it’s been a really cold winter with the mercury dropping below -35°C most days, it’s been tricky trying to get outside and have fun with my bestie. As a result, our paws get cold and they hurt within minutes. We both have boots, but I’m not great at wearing them because they always fall off me, and Pierre doesn’t like the way they feel on his feet.

It Warms Up – Sort of…

Yesterday we caught a bit of a break with the weather. The temperature rose to a balmy -18°C, so my mom and I decided to go on an adventure. To make the day even more fun, we got together with my best dog friend Pierre and his mom. We all headed down to the frozen river. Last winter was much warmer, so I spent many days exploring the river, but this was my first time this year due to the frigid temperatures.

We had to walk down the steepish riverbank to access the river, but once we did it was a flurry of excitement. The four of us walked all the way to the bridge and back. We even stopped along the way for snacks. Pierre and I love taking a snack break when we go for long walks. I especially loved the whitefish treats that Pierre’s mom brought.

Dog Best Friends Juno & Pierre Head Down to the Frozen River | positive sign on the river trail during COVID-19
Someone made a sign for everyone to enjoy on the river.

Dog Best Friends Adventures

During our walk, we saw so many exciting things. Lots of people and dogs enjoying the day. We met another Goldendoodle and had a good play with him. He was wearing a jacket and looked very handsome. Not as handsome as Pierre of course, but still quite dapper. We met other dogs and sniffed a lot of new smells. Pierre and I would stop for a quick wrestle once in a while just to make the walk even more fun and because that is what dog best friends sometimes do. We love to wrestle!

Along the river, we saw lots of kids and adults. Some people were sitting and laughing around a fire, while others were snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. We also saw people skating and lots of children were playing hockey. Sometimes people bring their fat-tired bikes down on the river and go cycling. There are so many activities and ways to have fun and be active on the frozen trail. Pierre’s mom took the photos below. She’s good at taking pictures.

People clear patches of snow and make mini-hockey rinks along the river. We even saw a mini-curling rink. People also bring down chairs and use their old Christmas trees to decorate the rinks and seating areas. One person had his snowblower out and was blowing a long trail along the river so people could skate from one end to the other. This is common, and for certain parts of the river, our city sends a Zamboni onto the river and people then have miles of skating trail to enjoy. Artists make warming huts along the frozen river trail and they attract lots of people because they are really creatively done.

Dog Best Friends Juno & Pierre Head Down to the Frozen River | The Doodle Life | Person with snowblower on the river trail making a skating path.
Clearing a Skating Trail

This extreme cold-snap of weather is supposed to break by Wednesday, so I am hoping this means we can get out on the river a whole lot more before it thaws. Between the crisp-fresh air, the exercise, and all the excitement of people and dogs, Pierre and I had a great afternoon. When I got home, I had a little appetizer then settled in for a nap. It was a perfect day.

Dog Best Friends Juno & Pierre Head Down to the Frozen River | The Doodle Life | Juno and I with frozen faces after our walk | #wolseleywinterwonderland #redrivertrail #frozenriver #dogblog #dogbestfriends #junothegoldendoodle #junoandpierre #miniaturegoldendoodle #goldendoodles #goldendoodle #minigoldendoodles #dogstories #dogtales #dogtails #dogadventure #dogadventures #winnipeg #manitoba
Frozen faces after our walk.

Happy Tail Wags. xo

Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.

Kinky Friedman

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  1. aisasami

    I love cold weather. I lived in places with ultracold temps and I am so used to it. Those dogs looked like they had so much fun walking in the cold.

  2. Lyosha

    Looks like a perfect walk! I love walking my dogs by the river as well disregarding the weather. It’s also very funny to allow them to step on the ice a little. I was shocked when one of my dogs became terrified of the ice and didn’t want to step any close

  3. Chrissy

    SSSuuuuppppeerrrrr Cute! We have 3 dogs and we love them so much, they have not experienced snow though but hey, hug them for me please?

  4. Risa Lopez

    It looks so cold there but they look like they were having so much fun in the snow. So cute!

  5. Renee

    What a gorgeous (but cold!) Winter adventure! I just love reading about Juno!

  6. Renata

    Hooo, I’m freezing just from looking at the pictures. Nevertheless, they are beautiful and you can see how much fun these furry cute guys had in the snow 😀


    OMg how cute. Sounds like a fun little adventure. But seriously -18 I’m not sure I’d leave the house at that temperature!!!