Bringing Home a Goldendoodle Puppy – The Essential Shopping List

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Congratulations! You have found the puppy of your dreams and you are probably feeling really excited and maybe a little nervous. One way to feel less nervous prior to bringing home a Goldendoodle puppy is to make sure your new Goldendoodle puppy has everything it will need. After all, a new Goldendoodle puppy is bound to take up a lot of your time and you don’t want to be caught unprepared. There are so many puppy items to choose from, you may feel completely overwhelmed. In order to help you, I have compiled this handy shopping list which includes all the essential items you will need when bringing home a new Goldendoodle puppy. The puppy items on this list will make sure you are well-prepared for the first few days or weeks.

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Essential Goldendoodle Puppy Shopping List

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The first thing you will need when bringing home a Goldendoodle puppy is a small collar. A lot of collars are adjustable, but you will probably end up buying several collars as time goes on. Most importantly, your puppy’s first collar should be adjustable and have a separate ring for identification tags. You want something that is light, but durable. For sizing, you want to be able to fit two fingers between your puppy’s neck and the collar. Puppies grow quickly, so be sure to check the sizing often, as you don’t want the collar to become too tight.


When bringing home a new Goldendoodle puppy you are going to want a leash. Therefore, I like to start with a 6-foot leash like the one linked above, as this length is great for training and teaching loose leash walking. I also suggest investing in a 30-foot leash for recall training. The longer leash allows the puppy to have some freedom, while still being under my control.

3. Food Dish

Your new Goldendoodle puppy is going to need a food dish. Some people like stainless steel food dishes because they are easy to clean. I have had dogs who have eaten out of stainless steals and dogs who didn’t like stainless steel because of the sound their tags made when they hit the bowl. If your pup eats quickly, you may consider a slow-feeder bowl or even a muffin tin! Alternatively, your puppy may prefer ceramic, like this food and water bowl set that is weighted, food-grade, and lead-free. With my Goldendoodle, I use a ceramic bowl for her first meal, and then I am a big proponent of ditching the bowl and offering her second and third meals in a canine-enrichment feeder. To learn more about canine-enrichment feeders, go to my post titled Ditch the Bowl – Four Clever Ways to Feed Your Goldendoodle.

4. Water Bowl

Your new Goldendoodle puppy is going to need access to clean water throughout the day. If you research water bowls, it would seem that everyone has their favourite. Some prefer to have a food and water bowl set, while others like a bowl that has a water holder attached like this one-gallon-sized bowl, so they don’t need to fill the bowl as often. The Neater Feeder is also a popular choice. As a puppy, my Goldendoodle enjoyed standing in her bowl and making a mess. Also, since she has a fuzzy muppet face, her beard would ultimately soak up the water from her bowl and she would drip water all over the house. After some trial and error, the best bowl I found for her was this one from LumoLeaf. It solved all of our problems and I highly recommend it.

5. Food

Your puppy should continue to eat the food it was eating before you brought it home. I recommend continuing with this food for a month or two and then slowly transitioning your puppy over to a food of your or your veterinarian’s choice depending on its dietary needs.

6. Goldendoodle Brush

When bringing home a Goldendoodle puppy it is very important for it to become accustomed to being groomed from the start. To begin, use a soft slicker brush and provide treats while gently stroking your puppy to form a positive association with grooming. Touch your puppy’s feet and ears while brushing.

7. Goldendoodle Crate

There are many crates to choose from and they can be very beneficial for housetraining and keeping your puppy safe when you are not there to monitor her. A wire crate usually comes with a divider, so you buy one for the size you think your puppy will eventually be and section it off with the divider as needed. If using a metal crate, be sure to remove your puppy’s collar before having your pup go in the crate. You can also choose a plastic crate. These are great because they can also be used for travel in a car. There are also decorative crates that blend in to look like furniture. To start, the crate should be about two inches taller and longer than your puppy.

8. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Dogs can have tartar and plaque build-up just like you. It is important to get your new Goldendoodle puppy used to dental hygiene. A finger toothbrush is usually the easiest to work with and most dogs enjoy the taste of liver-flavoured toothpaste. It’s best to slowly get them used to teeth-brushing by starting with one tooth then moving on to brushing a second tooth, and so on, once they are comfortable.

9. Puppy Playpen

I found having a playpen to be absolutely essential with my Goldendoodle, so I am including it on this list. I used it for house training and when she was in the biting stage. It was also an excellent place for her when she was overstimulated and needed a quiet place to settle. In addition, it was handy to have when I was making dinner or having a shower and couldn’t keep an eye on her. The playpen was a positive space for her with her favourite stuffies and chews. In fact, I even served my Goldendoodle puppy her meals in her playpen so she could form a really positive association with her playpen. I never used it for discipline. Playpens come in all different sizes and shapes depending on your space.

10. Nail Clippers or a Dremel

I prefer to take my Goldendoodle to the groomer for nail clipping, but sometimes that just doesn’t work out. Also, it’s good to get your new Goldendoodle puppy used to getting their feet touched and their nails cut from a young age. I have always used clippers for my dogs but recently purchased a Dremel. I am still getting used to the Dremel, but so far I really like it. Be careful to only cut the tips off the nails, as you don’t want to touch the quick (the sensitive part of the nail that contains blood vessels and nerves). If you do accidentally cut the quick, it’s important to have styptic powder on hand to stop the bleeding. I suggest watching some videos on puppy nail cutting prior to trying it yourself. If you are uncomfortable doing it yourself, then take your pup to a groomer that you trust for nail care.

11. Benebones or Nylabones

When bringing home a Goldendoodle puppy it is essential that you have some puppy-approved items for your puppy to chew on. Benebones and Nylabones are life-savers during the biting phase of puppyhood. When your Goldendoodle puppy is biting your fingers or a table leg, quickly stop the unwanted behaviour and give your Goldendoodle puppy this safe alternative to chew. Benebones and Nylabones come in different flavours and can help you to avoid ruined furniture or injured skin. Be sure to pick one that is made especially for puppy chewing.

12. Soft and Hard Toys

Undoubtedly, my Goldendoodle has no shortage of toys. In fact, it’s helpful to have a variety available. If your puppy is chewing on something soft like his bed, you can tell him “NO” and then replace the bed with a soft toy. If your puppy is gnawing on something hard like a couch leg, tell him “NO” and replace that with a hard toy for chewing.

13. Soft Training Treats

You can never have enough training treats when bringing home a new Goldendoodle puppy, as training should start in the first few days. In fact, you will be amazed at how quickly they learn with direct training. Most importantly, soft training treats can be consumed quickly allowing you to practice training without having to stop and wait for chewing. My Goldendoodle loves Zukes training treats, but I always make sure to have a variety so that she doesn’t get bored with the rewards. I like to mix up higher-value and lower-value treats when training her to keep her guessing and motivated.

14. Freeze Dried Meat

Another training must-have is freeze-dried meat. My Goldendoodle has a chicken allergy (which seems to be common in Goldendoodles) so I like to use freeze-dried beef. The ones pictured above come in a variety of different meat types. Since freeze-dried meat is a high-value treat, it works great for potty training.

15. Poop Bags

A responsible pet owner always has a poop bag within arm’s reach. I like to tie a few to my dog’s leash so I am never without one. In fact, some even come with a dispensing container that attaches to a leash.

16. Snuggle Puppy

Lastly, I highly recommend buying a Snuggle Puppy prior to bringing home a Goldendoodle puppy. I had the breeder rub my Goldendoodle’s Snuggle Puppy on her mom when I picked her up. The Snuggle Puppy has a heartbeat that your new Goldendoodle puppy will find very comforting. Even though my Goldendoodle is now 1.5 years old, she still sleeps with her Snuggle Puppy. Although it may seem a little pricey, I am so happy I had it for my Goldendoodle puppy.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the excitement and anticipation prior to bringing home a Goldendoodle puppy is something that all new Goldendoodle owners experience. It’s a fact, that once your Goldendoodle puppy arrives, you will be busy and tired. Hence, why it is important to be prepared for the arrival of your Goldendoodle puppy ahead of time. By stocking up on the items on my Essential Goldendoodle Puppy Shopping List before bringing home a Goldendoodle puppy, you will have everything you need, and your time and energy can be dedicated to spending time with your new furry bundle of joy. Enjoy!

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