Bath Time for Juno

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Rub-a-dub-dub. Someone, please get this Doodle out of the dog-gone tub!!!

Sorry friends. I hate to be so dramatic. I really do. In almost all other circumstances I am just the most cheerful and easy-going little Goldendoodle you could ever meet. However, there are times where my big doodle eyes do a big roll in an expression of annoyance. Bath time is one of those rare times. Don’t get me wrong, I willingly go into the bath, but then my chipper little personality quickly turns into a “woe is me” attitude and there’s no snapping out of it until I’m out of the bath and fully dried. It’s at this point I resume being the jovial little Goldendoodle that everyone falls in love with at first sight (at least this is what I like to believe).

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After a bath, I enjoy running around and performing big body shakes all over the house in an attempt to get every last drop of bathwater off of my beautiful, golden coat. In addition, my cravings for all the yummy treats are in full gear post-bath. I need snacks…STAT!!! It’s hard work feeling sorry for myself, don’t you know? You’d be surprised at the mental and physical energy I dedicate to these dramatic expressions of moping. It really works up an appetite.

Once my mom brushes and dries my soft, wavy locks, I have to admit that I do look and smell really gorgeous. This leads to additional pets and compliments and I love it! All this glorious attention and admiration almost makes bath time bearable. Almost.

Goldendoodle Beauty Secrets for Gorgeous Locks

As you know I am a miniature Goldendoodle. This means I have special hair instead of fur. It is what keeps me from shedding. Yes, it’s true, some Goldendoodles do shed which helps because then they aren’t as prone to matting as I am. Mom likes to use a special shampoo, grooming tools designed specifically for my hair type, and a doggie hair dryer to keep my coat looking shiny and mat-free. It’s important to keep away the mats because they hurt! Mats can occur anywhere but the places they like best on me are behind my ears, under my armpits and joints, and at the base of my tail. It’s important that Mom brushes me before I bathe because water can make my mats worse. I also need regular grooming to keep my hair silky and gorgeous. The shampoo my mom loves for me is Cowboy Magic. It really helps with any tangles and makes my hair very shiny. The tools she likes to use are a metal comb, a slicker brush, and a wet brush. You can find lots of videos on Youtube that will teach you about line brushing and the best ways to use these tools. Finally, it is important that a hairdryer designed especially for dogs is used, as a human hairdryer would take an extremely long time and they are noisy! Mom loves this doggie hairdryer for me. It dries my hair quickly and it’s a lot quieter than a human hairdryer. It also has attachments designed specifically for a dog’s coat.

I guess now that I look and smell this gorgeous, I’d better go show off my beautiful locks to the other neighbourhood dogs. I’d just hate for all this grooming effort to go unnoticed. 😉

Happy tail wags. Juno xo

Thank you for sharing.

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  1. Beth

    Baths are one of those necessities that make life better. I’ll have to check out the brushes your mom uses. My Pom mix gets matted pretty quickly.

    1. Paula

      Check out some videos too! Line brushing takes time but it’s the best for preventing mats.

  2. Marjorie at Dash Kitten

    Your photos did make me laugh. Ooh poor pup but the results are so worth it. Grooming for dogs is essential, it really improves the quality of life and wellbeing doesn’t it? I also have a sneaking feeling that Juno feels quite proud at looking so good too.

    1. Paula

      She is!!! She struts around like a model once she is all cleaned up!

  3. Terri

    So cute! My cockapoo, Henry got a bath today too. He acts the same way about bath time. I wonder if it’s the poodle part that makes them drama kings. Hmmm…

    I haven’t tried Cowboy Magic shampoo. I’ll try it along with the conditioner when I run out. Thanks for the tip. I’m always open to good dog bathing tips. These seem like great tips.

    1. Paula

      I think you’re right. I’ve never had a poodle mix before Juno, and the drama is definitely present and hilarious!

  4. Dorothy "FiveSibesMom"

    Oh, Juno, you look so beautiful! Go show off your pampered self! I had to chuckle though because I thought my Huskies were the only drama queens and king when it came to bath time! My one boy, Gibson, actually loved bath time. He’d climb in the tub and wait! But he was an exception. His brother oye, a very verbal complainer! I had to post a pic of the groomer van on our neighborhood group page because he stirred up such a racket, and even made the van rock, that I wanted my neighbors to rest assured he wasn’t hurt, just being a dramatic Siberian Husky! Four out of my five howled and cried and thrashed like they were being attacked! Funny though, after all the complaining, they sure did prance around and enjoy their fluffy beautification! But keeping them out of the nearest mud puddle was a task! Your post brought back some great memories! Good tips, too!

    1. Paula

      Huskies are the best communicators! I’ve never had a dog who loves a bath. Your boy Gibson definitely sounds like he was the exception.

  5. Michelle & The Paw Pack

    Finding the perfect grooming products for our dogs is so important. I don’t have a doodle – but I have one (very) long haired dog and another with a husky-like double coat – So keeping up on grooming at our house is a must!

  6. Lyssa

    What sweetie! Awesome tips for a smooth bathtime.