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Juno Wishes Her Grandpa a Happy Birthday

Happy New Year Friends! Today marks the first day of 2022, and it’s my grandpa’s birthday! That’s right. He was a New Year’s baby!! This little Goldendoodle is a little sad though because I can’t see my grandpa today, but he is on my mind and I hope he is having a great day. I especially hope he is having an orange float because they are his favourite birthday treat!

Grandpa enjoying an orange float on his birthday.

I don’t get to see my grandpa very often because he doesn’t live in Winnipeg. In fact, he has two places to live. In the warmer months he lives at the lake in Gimli, Manitoba, which is an Icelandic beach town north of Winnipeg. Grandpa and Grandma have a place right on the beach overlooking Lake Winnipeg. In the colder months, my grandpa and grandma go live on Vancouver Island. I sure wish I could visit them there but it is too far to drive. Instead, I will have to wait until April to see my grandparents when they come back to Gimli.

Summers in Gimli with Grandpa and Grandma

My grandpa is so much fun. In the summer when I stay with him overnight, we have our very own morning ritual. We wake up just after the birdies, and we go for a stroll along the lake. It’s very quiet at this time in the morning, and sometimes we are the only ones out walking. Everything feels so still and peaceful as the sun makes its way over the sparkling lake. After we have a little walk, we find our bench that overlooks the beach and the lake. I am allowed to sit on the bench beside my grandpa. We just sit side-by-side and look at the lake. Grandpa and I get our thinking in during this time. It’s so relaxing and it’s our special, quiet time together. I cannot wait to sit on our bench again soon with my grandpa.

One of the best things about visiting with my grandparents is that they love to go for walks just as much as I do. We walk along the boardwalk and look at the boats. Sometimes we see ducks, geese, and even pelicans. We walk several times a day, and in the evenings we go to a field and I get to run around and play fetch. Overall, it’s just a whole lot of fun to go and visit them. I can’t wait until they come home so I can see them again.

Happy birthday Grandpa!! I miss you and I hope you had a wonderful day.

Love, Juno the Goldendoodle xo

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